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corporate Advisory Board

Dr. Chris Grainger

Chief Technical Advisor

Based in Medellin, Colombia, Dr. Chris Grainger boasts an impressive career spanning over 25 years, marked by his extensive geological expertise in South America, particularly Colombia. His focus encompasses both grassroots and brownfields exploration, as well as resource definition and development across a diverse range of commodities and geological settings.

Before his tenure at Cordoba Minerals in 2012, Dr. Grainger held pivotal roles that underscore his proficiency:

  • Continental Gold: He served as the Vice President of Exploration (Regional Projects), contributing significantly to the strategic advancement of the company's exploration endeavors.
  • Colossus Minerals Inc.: As the Chief Geologist, Dr. Grainger played a crucial role in shaping the geological direction of the organization.

In addition to these roles, Dr. Grainger's senior-level positions at Troy Resources, Lion Ore Australia, INCO Brazil, and CVRD Brazil have fortified his wealth of experience.

Dr. Grainger's educational background is equally impressive:

  • University of Western Australia: He earned a Bachelor of Science degree with first-class honors, followed by a PhD in Economic Geology.

Rahim Kassim-Lakha

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Rahim Kassim-Lakha, distinguished as the founder and CEO of Blue Sail Capital, brings to the table an impressive track record of over 28 years in global investing, capital markets expertise, and M&A advisory. His extensive experience and strategic insight have consistently delivered exceptional results.

Prior to establishing his own family office, Blue Sail Capital, Mr. Kassim-Lakha held the esteemed position of Portfolio Manager at US Global Investors in Texas. During his tenure, he orchestrated and contributed to a spectrum of high-value transactions totaling over $5 billion, a testament to his profound influence on the investment landscape.

With a history of leadership, Mr. Kassim-Lakha has held pivotal roles with renowned institutions including Boston based PE Firm: Fidelity Capital, and Toronto based banks and boutiques. His strategic acumen and ability to navigate complex financial landscapes have consistently positioned him at the forefront of the industry.

Mr. Kassim-Lakha's expertise is of significant value to the organization as he assumes the role of Strategic Advisor to the CEO and the Board of Directors. His insights will undoubtedly play an instrumental role in shaping strategic decisions and driving the organization's growth trajectory.